Cecylia Przywojska

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BT71 6UR Dungannon

Northern Ireland

Every single day is a special day for families with growing children. We always wish that we could capture their spontaneous laughter, their funny words, and their excited squeals. One of the best ways to catch our kids in action is through baby photography. I offer smash cake photos, one-year birthday photos, and kids’ photography sessions. Parents have the option to conduct the photo session in our home studio or have an outdoor photography session. Either way, I set up the theme and the look based on my clients’ vision. I create the set and take care of all the details. The results are stunning photographs that are not just visually appealing but convey heartfelt emotions.

As a professional photographer, I am well aware that working with children presents extra challenges and requires special skills. It is certainly not easy to make it appear that a photo is taken candidly and naturally – but my beautiful images speak for themselves. I strive to make my photographs appear as spontaneous and “real” as possible. Our images capture the natural curiosity, the bright smile, and the look of wonder in children’s eyes.

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday or create a gallery of photos from your baby’s first few days leading up to their first birthday. Have a photo of your newborn taken with an excited older sibling. Have a smash cake photo session for your baby’s first birthday. Preserve those precious memories and leave it to a professional photographer to take the most perfect shots. Now you don’t have to worry about getting the best shot – leave everything to Cecyliaphotography. Very happy clients love the adorable sets, the little details, and how the photographer makes both the baby and the parent feel at ease.

One of the best professional photographers in Dungannon, Northern Ireland, I will make sure that you don’t miss out on those special moments and milestones in your children’s lives.