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Newborn Photography

Capturing the best time in your little one’s life, my newborn photography services helps you preserve the most memorable moments of your life. The best time to have professional photographs taken of your little one is when they’re still so tiny and new.

I offer stunning photography services for those irreplaceable early days of your baby’s life. The newborn photo session is conducted it in the safety of my home studio, which is especially set-up for the baby sessions. My home studio is located in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

I work closely with parents in order to bring out the best in your newborn. I take the parents’ preferences into consideration, and do my best to bring their vision to life.

There is considerable preparation and planning when conducting newborn photography sessions. After all, these babies are not ordinary subjects. In order to make these sessions successful, I recommend the following tips:

  • In order to ensure a spot in my calendar, schedule and book your session prior to your baby’s birth. After you have given birth, send me an email so that we can confirm the appointment.

  • The best time for taking photographs of your newborn is the very short window between 3 to 14 days after their arrival.

  • Almost always images that are taken of newborns are when they are in deep sleep. Prior to the session, parents are advised to do whatever it takes to keep their little ones asleep. It usually help if you try to keep your baby awake for 1-2 hours prior to coming in to the studio. 

  • Full belly equal happy baby – please feed the baby first prior beginning the session, it will help your baby to sleep much more soundly.

  • Full newborn sessions can last anywhere from 3-4 hours. It all depends on baby’s mood and willingness to sleep. The key to getting good image is to be patient. Relax and try to enjoy the quite while i work.

My satisfied clients all attest to the special photos that we have taken of their newborns. This valuable and precious memento will be yours forever – a beautiful image of your child during the first few days of his or her life.

Here at Cecylia Photography, I am privileged to be part of your baby’s life when they are just days old.